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    PIE SIG Spring Conference

    2nd Annual FREE-PIE-on-Zoom Conference: Recipes for PIE 2 2024

    Site: Zoom (link to be provided later)
    Theme: Recipes for PIE 2
    Date: June 29, 2024
    June (TBA): Practice for presenters on Zoom

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    This conference will build on the first Recipes for PIE held on March 16, 2024 as part of the 2023 academic year. Most presentations will be 25-minute descriptions of PIE activities with a few workshops and performances.

    PIE SIG Summer Conference

     2nd Annual PIE-on-Lake-Nojiri Conference

    Site: Elan Hotel, Shinano-machi, Nagano (5-minute walk from Nojiri Lake Resort) Multi-Purpose Room
    Theme: Training Our Future: Teaching Younger Learners (1-18 Years Old)
    Dates: August 23-25, 2024

    Call for Submissions

    (5,000 JPN Yen for JALT members; 7,000 JPN Yen for non-JALT members)


    August 23, 2024 (Friday): Officers Planning Meeting, Cultural Event (“Kurohime Dowa-kan” Kurohime Museum of Fairytales, includes folktales of the region, Networking Event

    August 24, 2024 (Saturday): 9:00 Registration, 10:00-17:00 Presentations, 6:30-8:30 Networking Dinner: St. Cousair Winery Restaurant 

    August 25, 2024 (Sunday): 9:00-12:00 Presentations, 12:00-12:30 Clean-up, 12:30-13:30 Lunch, 13:30-17:30 Officers Evaluation and Planning Meeting

    Invited Speakers: Kenn Gale, TYL Representative; Darren Kinsman; Kevin Bergman


    JALT PIE SIG, in collaboration and cooperation with various JALT groups, are proud to sponsor this conference. The theme of the conference is “Training Our Future: Teaching Younger Learners (0-18 Years Old).” The primary focus of this conference will be on the teaching of performance activities to children from nursery school to high school. Performances are welcome. Of course, presentations on general PIE activities, research, and performances also are welcome!

    Come to lovely Lake Nojiri in northern Nagano to enjoy beautiful nature and the fruits of the field and vineyard!

    Welcome from the Conference Chair

    Whitney Houston sang: 

    I believe that children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride and make it easier
    Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

    As the proud father of a wonderful daughter, I sincerely believe these words. I also believe the teachers of children are the foundation of our profession in general and the Performance in Education SIG in particular. If we introduce performance activities to students when they are young, “give them a sense of pride,” then teaching PIE activities to our university students will be much easier. They will see their intrinsic value.

    What has given me a sense of awe and inspiration is to listen to Kevin Bergman in his quiet, calm voice tell of how he does full-length Shakespeare plays like King Lear and King Henry IV—both in the same year—with high school students—and they liked it! AND he writes the scripts (adapted from the original plays) and directs the productions. And he has done this for many years! Respect.

    If he can do this, then so can we. Or, at least we can try. Or, we can do other PIE activities like roleplays, readers theater, oral interpretation, speech, debate, “etc., etc., and so forth.” And who knows? Perhaps some day in the future, some of our students will become teachers and will share with THEIR students the treasure trove of PIE activities, and maybe even add to the mountain of treasure themselves.

    David Kluge


    Performance in Education SIG  

    PIE SIG Autumn Conference

    2nd Annual PIE-in-Nagoya Conference

    Site: Moriyama Life-long Learning Center

    Theme: PIE for Every Occasion
    Dates: November 1-3, 2024

    Call for Submissions



    November 1, 2024 (Friday): Officers Planning Meeting, Cultural Event (xx), Networking Event

    November 2, 2024 (Saturday): 9:00 Registration, 10:00-17:00 Presentations, 6:30-8:30 Networking Dinner: St. Marc Bakery and Restaurant (Owariasahi)

    2nd Party: Ryusenji no Yu  Supersento

    November 3, 2024 (Sunday): 9:00-12:00 Presentations, 12:00-12:30 Clean-up, 12:30-13:30 Lunch, 13:30-17:30 Officers Evaluation and Planning Meeting


    Performance in Education activities can be special presents for our students to help them celebrate any occasion, be it a holiday or the end of a unit. Help us prepare to belatedly commemorate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s . . . or even the end of a unit or semester! Come share your celebratory activities and performances.


The Performance In Education SIG of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) sponsors several conferences a year, usually in convenient and interesting locations, with workshops, presentations, and performances. Families are always welcome.

“We are always trying to grow and spread our message through collaboration with YOU.”

What draws many people to the PIE SIG are the amazing and effective activities described by SIG members, the creative talents of the teachers/performers, and most of all, the warm, friendly atmosphere that we work hard to create. We are useful and FUN.

Want to collaborate with us? Contact us at if you are in the collaborative mood or come and see for yourself what we are about at our annual Performance in Education Research & Practice Conference.

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