The Annual Performance in Education SIG in Okinawa Conference (March 3-5, 2023) Registration & Call for Papers

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The Performance in Education SIG is returning to Okinawa for a face-to-face conference in March of 2023.

The site of the conference is the beautiful Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort in Motobu, Okinawa, Japan.

The call for papers for research and practical presentations and performances can be submitted HERE

DEADLINE: Sunday, January 15, 2023, JST.
(Notification of acceptance will be sent by Sunday, January 29, 2023.)

Expert PIE Speakers

Kim Rockell
Komazawa University

Associate Professor Kim Rockell is an ethnomusicologist and classical guitarist who currently teaches in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Komazawa University in Tokyo. His research interests encompass plucked-string traditions, Philippine rondalla and Hispanic musical influences in the Asia Pacific, migrant music and music in diaspora, and the music/language nexus. Recently, while learning to perform traditional Noh in Japan, he has begun to explore the educational potential of English language Noh.

Music and Performance in Education: A Personal Retrospective (2012-2022)

This talk traces the trajectory of my decade-long Japan-based research on music and performance in education. It introduces past projects that have explored the strategies and strengths teachers with musical backgrounds bring to language teaching, and how these musical strategies can be applied to computer-assisted language learning (CALL). The teaching of musical performance and ethnomusicology in English medium in both Tohoku and Tokyo as well as the development of musical theater in English based on traditional Japanese Noh are also described. Finally, the talk touches on more recent work on intercultural performance and semiotic clusters, which continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic up to the present time.

James Carpenter
Rikkyo University

James Carpenter is interested in how people learn in unique situations. He is currently conducting research with learners and teachers from a school for the visually impaired in Tokyo.

Researching Communicative Practices in Performance-Based Education

In this presentation, I will introduce an approach to mix-methods research that combines ethnomethodology with quantitative analysis. Drawing on my own research at a school for the visually impaired, I will attempt to persuade you that this perspective is useful for researching performance-based education in new ways. My research is based on Firth and Wagner’s (1997) inauguration of the “social turn,” and is one way SLA/T researchers have continued to investigate how foreign languages are used as they are being acquired. In this presentation I will focus on variations of the conversation analytic/ethnomethodological perspective. This should help both beginning researchers and experienced ones.

James Carpenter

George MacLean
University of the Ryukyus

TBA (Topic: On Feedback)

Max Diaz
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


David Kluge
Nanzan University

Research in Performance in Education