Best of PIE SIG

PIE SIG has been giving awards for over 10 years to PIE SIG presenters who have demonstrated excellence in their presentations. Some of these individuals and their contributions have been recognised through JALT’s Michele Steele Best of JALT Awards and some through our own PIE SIG Best Presentation, Best Performance, and Best Student Performance awards.


  • 2018: Yoko Morimoto (November, 2018)
    5 Drama-inspired mini activities backed by neuroscience

  • 2017: Vivien Bussinguer-Khavari
    Games can be serious & debates can be fun

  • 2015: Matthew Barbee
    Defending drama in the L2 classroom: Building bonds between teachers and administrators

  • 2013: Aya Kawakami and Dawn Kobayashi

  • 2012: Harry Harris
    Debate for the needs of the second language classroom

PIE SIG Presentation and Performance Awards

  • PIE SIG Best Performance 2019: Vivian Bussinguer-Khavari and Kim Rockell

  • PIE SIG Best Student Performance 2019: Japan Coast Guard Academy