PIE SIG Newsletter – Summer 2023

Summertime was a lazy time for lounging on beaches. (Who actually did that?) This newsletter is mainly reports. If you have any original opinion, book review, or teacher life hack that you would like to share in this newsletter, send it to David Kluge at this address.

Urgent News

Check our website for upcoming conferences. Our first PIE SIG in Nagano is happening September 1st-3rd at Lake Nojiri. There is still time for submissions for presentations and for registering for the conference. The same is true for the October 22-23 Fall conference in Nagoya.

PIE SIG Finances

A recent audit has shown that the PIE SIG’s finances are in good shape. 

Upcoming Events for 2023


I would also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know about some recent changes to how PIE SIG handles publications. We have decided to begin accepting submissions for Mask & Gavel and Classroom Resources throughout the year, rather than at a specific deadline. Submissions will be peer-reviewed and edited as before, but they will immediately be made available on our website once they are finalized. Finalized papers will be collected into a single volume to be published every two years instead of yearly. These changes should result in your research becoming available to the public (and added to your CV) more quickly, while also allowing more flexibility regarding submission times. Please see https://jaltpiesig.org/publications/ for more details or send me a message at piesigpublications@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to make a submission.

Finally, I would like to ask anyone who has done a presentation related to PIE to consider submitting it to one of our publications for consideration.

NOTE: The seasonal newsletters will serve as our annual publications and will in the future include short content and opinion articles as well as news.

Conferences Chair David Kluge

The PanSIG2023 PIE SIG Forum was an excellent performance from new presenters as well as . . . .um, ….ah, often-seen ones. Thank you, CD for arranging for everything. If you are interested in participating in the SIG forum for JALT2023 in Tsukuba, please contact Brian Gallagher here at this email address. If you are interested in joining the PanSIG2024 PIE SIG forum, contact us here. In addition, two of the three conferences we will sponsor this year are coming up. At the beginning of September (1st-3rd), the first summer PIE SIG conference in Nagano is coming together.  Also, our Fall conference in Nagoya is in the beginning planning stage, with a room reserved in the Nagoya International Center. Stay tuned to our websiteFacebook, and email for notices about the Call for Papers and Registration. 

Research and Resources

Our resource project to create a public resource page on our website of useful books, websites, journals, and organizations that would be beneficial to PIE teacher/researchers. is at the beginning of the first stage. We want to share both research-based and practice-based resources connected with any of the methods that fit under our performance in education umbrella: drama, music, dance, spoken word, film, and so on. Please share with us your lists of resources on PIE-related topics.  Please fill in this simple Google form so we can consider it for inclusion! Remember: PIE is best shared!

Social Chair David Kluge

Every Friday evening from 7:30 to 9:30, the PIE SIG will sponsor a Zoom meeting for members to come together to chat or discuss any PIE topic they would like. You will be notified by email each week with the Zoom link. You may reply to the email requesting that you would like to be taken off the PIE SIG Zoom mailing list at any time.

Officer Elections Coming Up

Elections for 2024 PIE SIG officers will be conducted in November. If you are interested in filling any of the offices listed below, make sure you throw your hat in the ring when the nominations email comes around in October.

PIE SIG Basic Information

Number of Members: 45 (ranges from 45 to 55 depending on the month)
Communication with Members in 2023: Four Seasonal Newsletters, occasional email notices of events and activities
Website: (conferences, publications, events, etc.): https://jaltpiesig.org/
Contact with Officers: jaltpiesig@gmail.com

2023 Officers:
Coordinator: David Kluge
Publicity Chair: Max Diaz
Publications Chair: Philip Head, Brian Gallagher
Membership Chair: Samuel Nfor
Program Chair: Vivian Bussinguer-Khavari
Treasurer: James Higa
Conferences Chair: David Kluge
Advisory Officers
Assistant Coordinators: Brian Gallagher, Darren Kinsman
IT Coordinator & Website Administrator: Max Diaz
Assistant Publications Chair: Darren Kinsman
Assistant Publicity Chair: Ashley Ford
Assistant Program Chairs: Chhayankdhar Singh Rathore, Brian Gallagher, Yukari Saiki
Japanese Liaison Officer: Yukari Saiki
AET Liaison: Mei Ataka and Brett Erdman
Debate Chair: David Kluge
Speech Chair: *Please contact us if you’re interested in filling this position*
Oral Interpretation Chair: David Kluge
Music Chair: Kim Rockell
Social Chair: *Please contact us if you’re interested in filling this position*
Drama Chair: *Please contact us if you’re interested in filling this position*
Research & Resources Database: Dawn Kobayashi, Vivian Bussinguer-Khavari, James Carpenter, Max Diaz