Classroom Resources Volume 1 (2016)

  1. Amy Ives Takebe
    A Speech Practice Using an Essay from The Japan Times ST
  2. Amy Ives Takebe
    The Blah-blah-blah Speech
  3. Amy Ives Takebe
    The Confident Speech
  4. Amy Ives Takebe
    Using Fox in Sox for a Vocal Warm-up
  5. Anthony Sellick
    Audience Participation Through Peer Evaluation: Maximizing Student Involvement in Speech Contest Auditions
  6. Matthew Michaud
    Pecha Kucha in EFL: Creating Creative Presentations
  7. Greg Rouault
    “Only ¥8,800!” TV Shopping and Infomercials
  1. David Kluge
    Live Music Video
  2. Mark Makino
    Customizing Popular Music
  3. Philip Head
    Three Line Dramas
  4. Anthony Sellick
    Group Poetry – A Quick and Easy Poetry Activity for Students
  5. David Kluge
    Taking Sides on an Issue
  6. James Venema
    An Introduction to Debate
  7. David Kluge
    Stand Up for What You Believe